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Twin Oaks Project

Thimijan Custom Homes Remodel ProjectsOver the years, the project home had been added onto five separate times causing it to become disjointed and inconsistent from update to update. The homeowners now desired a more consistent and unified look. Happy with the size of the home, the homeowners desired that the interior configuration be redesigned to make better use of the existing space.

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The project was first initiated because of 6-foot ice dam that extended down the side of the home each winter. The garage, mudroom and breakfast nook originally had a low flat ceiling/roof. During a previous remodel, a kneewall and trussed roof were built on top of the low flat roof as shown in the pictures. Removing the flat roof to increase the interior ceiling height was an obstacle and necessity (see After photo 13*). The entire home was built on a crawl space making access to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing difficult. Entry was gained by removing the wood floor and cutting through the existing subfloor. Also, the mechanical room did not have proper bearing causing it to sag approximately 2”. To remedy the problem, the floor was removed, the room was jacked up and proper bearing was then added.

Thimijan Custom Homes Remodel ProjectsThe Twin Oaks Home sits on a wooded 3.5-acre lot at the end of a cul-de-sac providing seclusion and natural privacy. The home is not visible to other homes in the area. Having lived in the home for 4 years, the owners were captivated with the house and the surroundings; so much so that they continued to live there during the first four months of the 10-month renovation.

The owners longed for their existing house to be transformed into a contemporary home fit for entertaining. They also wanted to save the original White Oak floor. Outdated plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems needed updating. New windows, doors, insulation and siding were requested to increase the energy efficiency of the home. And finally, to move the home into the 21st Century, the house was wired for cable/satellite, phone and data lines.

Thimijan Custom Homes Remodel ProjectsThe result of this renovation is a seamless, contemporary home that has many green ideas and products. Thorough observation provides the appearance that the home is of new construction. There are many details throughout the home that allow the seasonal beauty of the surroundings to be enjoyed, such as the large windows in the great room. Uniqueness has also been added throughout the home from the rift cut White Oak cabinets to the intricate detailed tiling in all the baths. To say the homeowners are elated with the end results is a gross understatement; being unable to clearly decide which is their favorite room has been a great compliment!